Claims Presentation:

Our consultants can be utilized for the initial and subsequent filing of claim information to the carriers. As the initial presentation of the claim will dictate the degree of policy interpretation we seek to quote the policy coverage as part of our claim letters. In our experience the added effort of “identifying the coverage” in the policy pays many dividends. In the event of a denial we have a position that may be defense able via qualified legal counsel. Our goal is to have the claim paid smoothly or in the event of denial, have a file for the attorney to begin his litigation with the fact-finding and coverage analysis and company denial in his possession.
Coverage Analysis:
As indicated above, we try where possible to identify coverage under the responding policy(ies) in order to expedite claim settlement. In the event of denial we can introduce technical policy coverage analysis to support our position and or provide same to the selected attorney for litigation.

Litigation support

Professional Witness:

When required our consultants have the experience and expertise to ask in a professional witness capacity in support of the litigation.

In cases where we have been instrumental in crafting the coverage there tends to be a trail of correspondence that has been used to effectively have a claim paid as an “Underwriting Claim” ( one that would be denied based on the policy if not for the interpretation provided by the underwriter.