Mr. John Campanile specializes in all aspects of binding comprehensive insurance coverage to manage the risks associated with the purchase of contaminated or potentially contaminated property. Such policies require intensive analysis, comparison to the property-specific engineering and finally negotiation with the insurance underwriters to ensure that the risk of the parties are properly managed. Unlike liability and casualty insurance, environmental insurance is very much a “caveat emptor” situation: if a party has not properly protected his interests, he will find that those interests have been left bare by the insurer.

Mr. Campanile works closely with insurance brokers to allow them to provide a more complete portfolio of insurance products to their customers. Stanford Risk Management, Inc. has the capacity to place coverage with multiple environmental insurance carriers. In addition, Mr. Campanile provides environmental insurance consulting that commences at the contract negotiation phase of the transaction. He analyzes the contract to ensure that the risks assumed by the party he represents can be insured. He then has the capacity to retain environmental engineers, reviewing their analysis, interface with insurers regarding this analysis and finally negotiate and place insurance coverage that completely manages the property specific risk based upon this engineering and contract terms.