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Anticipating the Loss... Planning the Response...

We will help to identify the potential hazards of running your business, provide professional guidance to warn and navigate you around these obstacles, offer alternative routes to deal with the deterrents, while always focusing a keen eye toward minimizing the cost of protection.

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Stanford Risk Management Services, Inc. has offered a wide range of risk management services since 1989.

Contractual Analysis and Risk Management

The essence of what Stanford Risk Management Services, Inc. does is analysis of our clients operations/planned acquisitions/planned purchases and planned products for manufacture or distribution.

Insurance Integration

With all other risk transfer techniques exhausted the final step is to evaluate the various exposures to loss that a client faces and introduce the available, and reasonable non-insurance risk transfer techniques we propose insurance products to fill in the “insurable” gaps.

Claims Litigation Support

Our consultants can be utilized for the initial and subsequent filing of claim information to the carriers.  We try where possible to identify coverage under the responding policies in order to expedite claim settlement.

Bankruptcy Trustee Risk Management

Until your bankruptcy case ends, your financial assets and problems are in the hands of the bankruptcy trustee, who acts under the supervision of another type of trustee called the U.S. Trustee.

Environmental Risk Management

Obtaining an environmental insurance policy is unlike binding insurance of any other type. Experts in this field who represent Buyers and Sellers are rare because many parties do not know the risks involved.

John Campanile, the company’s principal, has been involved in the loss control area and been a broker for the necessary insurance coverage for more than 30 years.